The Every-Changing Definition of Crazy…

A brief history of my life as an endurance athlete/adventurous person…

  • In 1984, crazy was breaking my arm while jumping from the seesaw to the bottom of the slide (I was 8).
  • In 1988, crazy was running a sub-46 minute 10k (I was 12).
  • In 1989, crazy was joining the water polo team despite having never been a competitive swimmer (I was in 9th grade).
  • In 1994, crazy was riding my first metric century (63 miles). I was one day shy of 18.
  • in 1996, crazy was riding my first full century, on my mountain bike…
  • In 1997, crazy was doing my earliest traditional rock climbing leads.
  • In 1998, crazy was leading my hardest sport route to date (Power Point, 5.11d/12a at Pinnacles).
  • In 1999, crazy was dropping my attempt to hike the John Muir Trail in order to climb for 10 days in Yosemite Valley.
  • In 2000, crazy was completing 76 boulder problems in one day at the Buttermilks (outside of Bishop, CA).
  • In 2001, crazy was completing my first double metric century bike ride (125+ miles) unsupported.
  • In 2005, crazy was doing my first triathlon (the Sentinel Triathlon in Santa Cruz).
  • In 2006, crazy was doing my first double century bike ride (200 miles, Eastern Sierra Double).
  • In 2007, crazy was completing the California Triple Crown (three double centuries in one year).
  • In 2008, crazy was riding the HooDoo 500 solo (a 518 mile race through southern Utah) in under 48 hours.
  • In 2009, crazy was completing my first Ironman Triathlon (Ironman New Zealand).
  • In 2011, crazy is completing the American River 50 Mile Run (Sacramento to Auburn).

Crazy changes, the challenge stays with you for life!

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Hi, my name is Mike and I'm addicted to endurance sports. It's the good sort of addiction. You know, the kind that gives you: killer calves, a resting heart rate in the upper 40s, and the ability to eat whatever you want without gaining weight (at least during peak training!).
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