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Last May, while waiting for the restroom at the Looney Bean Roasting Company in Mammoth Lakes; I saw a sticker on the bathroom door. The sticker said something to the effect of $5 for a logo that is guaranteed to suck. Naturally, I pulled up the website on my iPhone while standing there…

The business concept itself is rather unique:

Drawing bad logos for beer money since 2010.

I think the site is a rather nice use of what appears to be a standard WordPress theme. There are a few static pages at the top, and the main content area is samples of recent work. The sidebar has the pricing options for horrible logos and for horrible jingles.

I think that mostly what works is the catchy slogan and the concept. I mean, who wouldn’t buy their friend a beer for making a logo for their company? Why not your internet friend? I mean, just look at the horrible logo he uses for his own company!

Check it out…

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