Thoughts On Blogging

I feel that blogging is a great way for businesses to get the word out about what’s going on in their world in a live and up to date manner. Some companies do seem to use them merely to get their web page showing up higher in the rankings on the search engines; but hopefully there’s more to why they are writing the blog entries than that

As someone who is looking into eventually starting my own web and print design business; I see blogging as a great way to get out the word about what I’ve been working on and showing off my design work in a more personal fashion. Looking at a portfolio is great, but if potential clients can read my thoughts on each project I’ve chosen to highlight, they should better be able to understand my design process and perhaps would be more likely to hire me for a project.

Until now, I’ve used my blog almost solely to highlight what’s been going on in my life. I know how to blog, I just need to shift the emphasis to bringing the light to my professional work.

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Hi, my name is Mike and I'm addicted to endurance sports. It's the good sort of addiction. You know, the kind that gives you: killer calves, a resting heart rate in the upper 40s, and the ability to eat whatever you want without gaining weight (at least during peak training!).
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