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One of the most pervasive trends in web design for 2012 will undoubtedly be the continued expansion of the role of social media in the online world, and in the real world for that matter. One of the tougher aspects of this can be in creating unique ways to envision the icons of the social media companies. I’ve normally traced the logos myself as needed, or used the files available from those company for web use. But what if you just need a simple way to represent, say Twitter.

What if there was a really easy way to get a Twitter ‘t’ or bird icon image? What if you it was just a click away in Photoshop or Illustrator? I recently discovered, thanks to the Outlaw Design Blog a font pack that has the logos of all of the major social media players, as well as a bunch of other companies whose logos you might want to incorporate into a design. I don’t even recognize all of the logos represented…

These obviously won’t work in every situation on their own, but with them, it will be much easier to, say, get the basic outline of the MySpace icon. I’m not sure what use you can find for that these days… But you’re creative, you’ll think of something!

Check out the blog entry at Outlaw Design Blog, and follow the link there to download the font for yourself. It’s free, and will come in handy.

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