Taste The Rainbow

At first glance, I did not think that the Skittles website was an official site for the brand. But then I realized that Wrigley has come up with a genius way to market Skittles. The random quotes, stories and seemingly unrelated things should appeal to the sort of people who eat Skittles; at least the younger “hip” ones.

The navigation itself is rather simple. I’m not a huge fan of sites with a lot of downward scrolling required, but it actually works in this case. I can see people going to the Skittles site and just randomly reading the posts: perhaps with a bag of Skittles and a pearl tea sitting on the side table next to a comfy chair. Perhaps some Adele on the headphone? Or maybe that’s because that’s what I’m listening to right now…

See it for yourself at Skittles.com.

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